Pastor Teresa Burton

A native of Jacksonville, FL, where she is married to her best friend Larry L. Burton, Jr for 13 years and the mother of four beautiful daughters: Tiffany (Travell), Takesha, Larea and Jalah and grandmother of one Princess Tamia Elaine. She enjoys being a wife, mother, grandmother and pioneer, with her husband, as they raise the bar of purpose for marriages, families, ministries and businesses.

She is a preacher, and conference speaker, who demonstrates a profound love for God and compassion for people. “If someone were to ask what she loved most about ministry; she would have to say, Reaching souls”. She’s often quoted as saying, “Who I am…is what I do, which is reaching souls for His Kingdom”. She was introduced to outreach by participating in community events hosted by local agencies over 17 years ago.

Embodied with great passion and love for all people, she yearned to learn more in order to do more. With 17 years of Community Development experience, Pastor Teresa has and continues to facilitate change to improve the performance of community/family-based organizations. She conducts leadership and team-building workshops utilizing various methods which make her sessions interactive and results-driven.

The focus of The Father’s House Kingdom Ministries is preparing the lost, broken and wounded for His return and strengthening individuals so they can become part of a stronger family unit. Reaching souls is what Pastor Larry believes he was born to do. Under great leadership his God-given gift and calling was manifested. Although his assignment ended at his previous church, his gift, passion and love to reach, develop and teach souls continues.

She is the upcoming author of “I Finally Have My Clothes On”. The favor of God upon this energetic woman has drawn and still draws people of different backgrounds to Christ. Her personal and victorious testimonies are proof that the great power of God is still at work today.
Pastor Teresa has survived the death of her mother at the age of four years old, abandonment, foster care, molestation, rape, depression, sexual addiction, crime, drugs, mental illness, emotional and physical abuse. A brush with death and a face to face encounter with Jesus reshaped her love for knowledge. Thereby creating a pursuit of the truth about who God is and what He desires for our lives.”

Pastor Teresa is on the leading-edge for taking women to a new dimension of purpose. Her experiences and insight to purpose allows her to speak directly to the voids that women face in the 21st Century. Her transparency is a catalyst for purpose that encourages others to remove their insecurities, break limitations and discover their God given purpose. Her life exemplifies how God can take a mess and transform it into a message for the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Teresa’s warming and welcoming demeanor will make all that come to The Father’s House Kingdom Ministries feel like a “Home away from home,” where you can truly find, “Rest for your soul!” Pastor Teresa personally thanks God for her and Pastor Larry’s journey, and for those who God used to help them develop for their assignment as pastors. An assignment with no doubt that God has called them to.