Overseer Larry burton jr.

Overseer Larry Burton, Jr. is a motivator, encourager, and a hope pusher! While growing up in some of the roughest places throughout the City of Jacksonville, Overseer Larry overcame mistake after mistake. Through this, he developed strong compassion toward encouraging and motivating people in their present condition.

Overseer Larry shares his life story throughout his message of hope to reach people who seem to be unable to overcome their past mistakes or struggles.

One of Pastor Larry’s favorite quotes is, “MY MISTAKES WON’T WIN!” He has a unique style to release hope, paired with a revelatory teaching gift that provokes a Mind Shift before the Outward Execution.

Overseer Larry is a native of Jacksonville, FL, and he is married to his best friend, Teresa for the past 22 years. He is the proud father of four beautiful daughters: Tiffany (Travell), Takesha, Larea, and Jalah and a grandfather of two, granddaughter Tamia and grandson Traden. He enjoys being a husband, father, grandfather, mentor, coach, and pioneer with his wife, as they raise the bar of purpose for marriages, families, ministries, and businesses.

Overseer Larry is the Co-Founder of The Father’s House Kingdom Ministries with his wife Pastor Teresa E. Burton. They believe in impacting the world through Kingdom Thinking and Living while exhibiting God’s love and infusing life into people and families through engaging and powerful worship services that offer biblical truth.

Overseer Larry is also the Co-Founder of Beyond Creation and the Founder of Data Solution, LLC.
His newest ministry launch is a movement entitled “My Mistakes Won’t Win.”

MMWW is a movement with a mission to ignite hope and a Mind Shift; with the vision to see lives become transformed by the renewing of the mind with powerful, life-changing Truth, and testimonial stories from all over the world by people who are over-comers of past mistakes and life’s greatest challenges.

Overseer Larry believes there are no hopeless circumstances or mistakes that will prevent you from being a Winner because “MY MISTAKES WON’T WIN!” Get ready to experience a Mind Shift with Truth that will provoke you to become a Winner.

As a team Overseer, Larry and Pastor Teresa’s style of ministry truly can reach all types of souls. They strongly believe that no matter where you are in life’s spectrum when a soul comes to The Father’s House, they will be Reach, Build, and Empower.2